Paris court jails frenchman linked to madrid bombings

10 set Paris court jails frenchman linked to madrid bombings

Paris court jails frenchman linked to madrid bombings

By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Dec 3rd 2017 19:30Z, last updated Tuesday, Nov 21st 2017 03:47Z A Frenchman has been arrested in connection with the Ap골드 카지노ril 22nd Madrid bombings.The 24-year-old, believed to be a Frenchman living in Marseille in northern France is an Islamist with extremist and extremist-motivated views,the state prosecutor’s office said.France has been on heightened alert following the deadly attacks on Paris and at i천안출장샵 천안출장마사지ts airport and Metro train stations. The country has seen an increase in Islamist-related incidents.

An anti-terrorism police officer looks through the window of a police vehicle during police operations in Paris, France, December 2, 2015. REUTERS/Charly Triballeau

The alleged bomber, a French national living in Marseille, had lived in Barcelona in 2016 when he was on trial in Belgium for terror attacks on Nov. 13th 2015, the Paris prosecutor’s office added.

“He is responsible for a number of attacks on France and for attacks against the French,” the prosecutor’s office said in a s예스 카지노tatement. It said the Tunisian citizen would have known the targets of his attacks before committing them.

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“He wanted to go out to Syria and fight with extremist networks,” said one unnamed French government source on condition of anonymity.

According to the source, the Tunisian citizen traveled to the Middle East in 2014 as part of the Syrian Islamic State group in a bid to join its self-proclaimed Caliphate.

Another French government source said a third foreign citizen of Tunisian origin, a former teacher with a wife and two children, had moved into France in 2014 in order to join the IS jihadist network but had then returned to Tunisia for various political reasons.

Tunisian authorities had recently detained five persons, including three brothers, who had travelled to the Middle East to join ISIS, according to the interior ministry.

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In the weeks following the attack, authorities identified three of those identified as the three suspects as Tunisian national Ahmed El Haddad, who was arrested on Friday in Marseille, the fourth suspect identified on Tuesday in Marseille on suspicion of involvement in a terrorist incident at a restaurant where a Belgian soldier was killed. The Paris prosecutor had already declared the third suspect a threat.

The third suspect, named locally as Mehdi Nemmouche, was arrested in Toulous

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